Best Private Members Only Fitness and Fat Loss Facebook Page, for Women Only

Hey everyone, I’m International fitness celebrity, Super-Coach, and Best-Selling Author Jennifer Nicole Lee! And I’m here to MOTIVATE YOU & HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS! A little bit about me-I wasn’t always in shape and I didn’t have my life together, until I HAD ENOUGH, and I FINALLY decided to TAKE CONTROL OF MY…read more

The Best Facebook Group for Fitness, Motivation, Fat Loss for Females Only

By Jennifer Nicole Lee, creator of the Online Fitness Revolution found here. Hi there, My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee. I lost over 80 lbs over 16 years ago, after the birth of my children which led me to be one of the world’s most sought-after fitness experts. Fast forward to today, I am blessed to…read more

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

As we all know, fat-loss is 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise. Therefore, abs really are made in the kitchen! Here are my top 5 foods that you must eat in order to get flat abs fast: High Fiber Cereal-aids in elimination and keeping you regular. Asparagus– “mother natures” natural diuretic, helping you to “pee off…read more

Spring Cleaning

Awe! Spring is here! Such a powerful time of the year, where we pack away our cold winter clothes, swapping out for sundresses, flip flops, and bikinis. Let the ‘spring cleaning’ begin. Let’s ‘dust off’ our bodies and get rid of the winter weight gain, gearing up for sunnier days and swimsuit season. If you want to…read more

Replace a Meal with Complete Protein All-In-One Shake

  You have supplements that boost your daily vitamin or calcium intake, aid digestion, prevent aging, memory loss and strengthen bones.  Imagine having all of that in a single drink! Organifi Complete Protein Meal Replacement All-In-One Shake does everything that it claims to do. If you feel the need to shed excess fat from unwanted…read more