Younger Women are Seeking the Fitness Guidance of Older Woman

There is a trend in the fitness industry, where younger fitness enthusiasts and weight loss clients are seeking the guidance of veteran fitness professionals, for many reasons. The problems in the fitness industry are many. First of all it’s a saturated market of up and coming self-proclaimed “fitness experts” who have no real experience in…read more

September Newsletter

No Images? Click here HAPPY SEPTEMBER We at JNL Worldwide, Inc hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Holiday weekend. With the first day of fall being just around the corner, we can feel a strong positive energy shift! New season, new chapters, and new goals! And yes, UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Its time for you to finally…read more

Supercharge Your Life in Just 30 Seconds Each Day

At JNL Fitness, we understand the importance of not only keeping a healthy, workout routine, but also eating well and getting the nutrients that your body needs. Combined with our online personal training, and products like Green Juice, you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle! Don’t you wish that you could have…read more