The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook




JNL REVEALS HER SUPER FITNESS MODEL FAT BLASTING & MUSCLE TONING SECRET RECIPES! If you think a healthy weight-loss program means choking down dry chicken breasts and “blah” broccoli – think again! In the Fun, Fit Foodie Cookbook, bestselling author, international wellness expert and super fitness model™ Jennifer Nicole Lee™ reveals her fat blasting and muscle fueling recipes that your tastebuds and your body will love.
Working with your body, not against it, JNL’s Fun, Fit Foodie recipes bring on the flavor! Hearty, delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks will keep your taste buds happy, and amp up your metabolism to burn fat faster than ever. Get smart and get fit the JNL way with The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fun, Fit Foodie™ Cookbook.


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