Everyone wants their body to be in the best shape possible, but constantly seem to forget one extremely important factor. While routinely working out is great, food & nutrition is just as important! If not more so! Here at JNL, we’re your online fitness guides. With over thousands of workout videos for you to watch by Jennifer Nicole Lee herself, we also provide you with tips on your food and nutrition! Be sure to sign up for JNL Meals, JNL Gym, as well as follow our blog for advice on the proper nutrition and meals that your body is asking for!


Plan in advance! Seek out top resorts that offer a healthy twist to the normal “all you can eat and drink” all-inclusive packages. Many are steering away from this as they come back from their vacation feeling bloated, heavy, lethargic and out of shape. HOW TO STOP BINGING OUT ON VACATION: There are several ways…read more


We crave carbs because they act as a mood stabilizer, making us feel good when we’re stressed. Craving carbs is not about lack of discipline. … Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood and makes you feel calm and relaxed. Prozac and many other antidepressants increase brain serotonin levels. Top tips to stop carb cravings Give in a little. Don’t each a…read more

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

As we all know, fat-loss is 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise. Therefore, abs really are made in the kitchen! Here are my top 5 foods that you must eat in order to get flat abs fast: High Fiber Cereal-aids in elimination and keeping you regular. Asparagus– “mother natures” natural diuretic, helping you to “pee off…read more

Feel Fresh, Energetic and Joyful With Just One Capsule a Day

Improve your digestive health with powerful probiotics and renew your energy once again. Each capsule is customized to promote digestive health, weight loss and fight fatigue. Probiotics contain superfoods and Organifi Green Juice to revitalize and re-energize you every day. It tastes delicious, unlike other capsules that leave a bitter taste in your mouth.  Here’s…read more

Be Active Every Day with Daily Turmeric

Turmeric spice is loaded with antioxidants that can replace your daily supplements. Its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties help fight illnesses, fight aging, rid your body of radicals and regenerate cells. That’s why Daily Turmeric  is here to take away your discomfort and let you be active again. Just one dose daily, and you are on…read more

Supercharge Your Life in Just 30 Seconds Each Day

At JNL Fitness, we understand the importance of not only keeping a healthy, workout routine, but also eating well and getting the nutrients that your body needs. Combined with our online personal training, and products like Green Juice, you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle! Don’t you wish that you could have…read more

Replace a Meal with Complete Protein All-In-One Shake

  You have supplements that boost your daily vitamin or calcium intake, aid digestion, prevent aging, memory loss and strengthen bones.  Imagine having all of that in a single drink! Organifi Complete Protein Meal Replacement All-In-One Shake does everything that it claims to do. If you feel the need to shed excess fat from unwanted…read more