How to Make Money in the Fitness, Wellness, Beauty, & Health Industry

Fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee shares her secrets on how to make money in the fitness, wellness, beauty, and health industry. From coaching, merchandise, consulting, hosting events, affiliate programs, spokesmodel opportunities, endorsement deals, program writing, creating digital products, re-selling digital products, get booked for paid appearances, how to become SAG-AFTRA and more! Watch here and…read more

Get A Bigger Booty

Fitness and Wellness Expert Jennifer Nicole Lee tells you how to get a bigger booty, how to get a rounder butt, what are the best exercises for a larger butt, and how to grow a bigger booty in this video: For more info and to train with JNL, sign up at…read more

Top Tips

With nearly close to 2 decades in the fitness, bikini and beauty industry & being crowned Miss Bikini Diva twice, and modeling swimwear at least once a week, Jennifer Nicole Lee knows a thing (or 5) about how to get that coveted beautiful bikini body. Here are JNL’s, the Queen of Wellness’s, top go-to tips:…read more

June Newsletter

   It’s JNL Bday Month, But the Gifts are for YOU! June is the Month of JOY here at JNL Worldwide, Inc & at our JNL VIP Online Coaching Program. We are overfilled with JOY, LOVE, LIGHT & HAPPINESS because of the positive energy we share at our online community at If you are already…read more

Younger Women are Seeking the Fitness Guidance of Older Woman

There is a trend in the fitness industry, where younger fitness enthusiasts and weight loss clients are seeking the guidance of veteran fitness professionals, for many reasons. The problems in the fitness industry are many. First of all it’s a saturated market of up and coming self-proclaimed “fitness experts” who have no real experience in…read more

Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

For a lot of people out there, mornings can be rough. From just trying to wake up to preparing yourself for the day ahead, it can often feel like an impossible chore. Your morning sets the pace for the day, so it’s important to start it off right. As your online health and fitness coach,…read more


Watch this video and find out! Ive been a Certified Life Coach for over 16 years, and when people asked me “Is coaching really that important?” I absolutely give them a resounding YES! COACHING IS ESSENTIAL! Because success leaves clues! And when you have a mentor that actually tells you what you need to do,…read more